“I think it is an amazing brand, I love that it has got such a heritage and it has been around for such a long time.  I particularly like their luggage and all the trunks”  - Alexa Chung at the London Louis Vuitton New Bond Street Maison Opening.


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The Japanese Super Fake

One of the negative outcomes of the internet age is the distribution of high grade fakes.  The eBay marketplace has been so affected by this item that the resale price of genuine items has fallen.

Traditionally Japanese eBay resellers have been one of the most honest resellers on eBay.  This has all changed with the introduction of the Japanese mafia.  The Japanese mafia has been very clever to release a range of high grade fakes which have been artificially aged and matched with genuine Louis Vuitton locks.  The items affect have been the Keepall, Speedie and Noe.


The items I have seen are probably 8.5 out of 10.  To the untrained buyer they seem to be correct.  I suspect some Louis Vuitton staff would have trouble telling.  Whilst I am able to differentiate the Japanese super fake today the worrying prospect is the improvement in the fake.

I call these high quality fakes “Japanese super fakes” as the items are manufactured in China and distributed by Japanese eBay resellers.


What to look for to avoid a Japanese Super Fake

  1. Item appears too good for its age.
  2. Brassware is often treated with chemicals to make it prematurely old – look for any greening of the brassware.
  3. Leather is aged but is a lower grade than genuine Louis Vuitton leather trim.
  4. Check the date code.  Date codes used are usually early 1980s codes.
  5. Stamping – often the stamping is in the wrong font.
  6. Check previous seller auctions – check to see if the seller is selling the same item over and over again.
  7. When opening the item many super fakes STINK of harsh chemicals which has been used to age the brassware and leather.


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