“I think it is an amazing brand, I love that it has got such a heritage and it has been around for such a long time.  I particularly like their luggage and all the trunks”  - Alexa Chung at the London Louis Vuitton New Bond Street Maison Opening.


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Louis Vuitton in the workplace

What are the rules for taking Louis Vuitton to work?
How do you stay stylish without making other people jealous or hurting your career?

When you enter a workplace you are entering an environment with its own culture, values and prejudices.  It can be a very dawnting process.

It is always advisable to enter a new environment on a neutral footing.  This means that it is sometimes better not to enter that environment with “in your face” Louis Vuitton items. 

I recently commenced a contract with a large American firm and my job involved IT support.  It is a good job but it is certainly not at the top of the tree in salary or status.  In my situation I have a variety of briefcases which would be suitable.  I have chosen to use the more discrete soft sided black Epi pieces instead of the larger imposing hard-sided Monogram pieces.  The reason I chose that piece was because it was very non-confrontational whilst still being very stylish and French.

The black Epi piece only has one Louis Vuitton logo in the corner.  It does not scream Louis Vuitton.  If I had chosen my Monogram hard-sided President Classeur it is a much grander item.  It is very expenisve looking and proudly announces to the world that it is a President of briefcases.

The last thing you want to do in a workplace is make other people feel uncomfortable.  In my opinion it is important to asses the workplace and decide what reaction the item will bring. 

Your position and status within an organisation would also affect how other staff reacted.  If you are the CEO or second in charge you could get away with a more prestigous item.  If you are going into the environment as a contractor or casual worker it is much better to go in on a neutral footing.  The last thing you want is to be the target of negative stereotypes.

It is a lot like turning up at work in a brand new convertible Mercedes.  Whilst it may be fun, it may well make other people feel threatened.  It could make other people jealous and make people question your motives and future in the firm.

If you turned up at work in a 5 year old Toyota Camry you would probably be invisible.

A simple guide is as follows:-

  1. Assess the workplace.
  2. What is your position in the company? A CEO could carry off an expensive LV Monogram item whilst it may cause nasty comments for an office junior to have the same item.
  3. If in doubt, go for the discrete items - Epi, Taiga and perhaps the softer styles - ie. if working as an admin person a soft leather Epi briefcase would be more suitable than a Monogram hard case President briefcase.
  4. Just some food for thought... and remember to USE WHAT YOU LIKE IN YOUR OWN TIME!


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